Developers, geeks, and nuisance makers


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Mini IMDB”

Fazal is the ‘big brother’ of the Coppernine team, having been a part of Coppernine since its early days. His passion for coding and learning makes him a great mentor to some of the junior members of the team and is always on the lookout for/has a special interest in tech that reaches and touches people. Outside of work, Fazal spends his time catching up on the latest Tollywood cinema, polishing his cricket skills and working up a storm on the badminton court.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Keep Calm and Do IT”

Madhu is another member of the team who has been a part of Coppernine from its inception. Always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to approach old problems, Madhu’s unwavering enthusiasm and lively nature has earned him the respect of clients and colleagues. In his free time, Madhu enjoys going out to the movies and gaming with friends.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Mr. Nobody”

Abhinay, together with Fazal and Madhu, are the oldest members on the Coppernine team. His success at work can be primarily contributed to his steadfast passion for tech - especially in new and upcoming technologies. Outside of work, Abhinay enjoys travelling and exploring new places and is the go-to guy for travel tips and recommendations.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Boomer”

Puzzles and logic - that’s how Sandeep sees coding. He believes in continuously challenging his brain and assessing every single possibility to pick the best solution to a problem. Sandeep started off his career at Coppernine and has grown to become a steadfast figure in the team with his cool, calm and collected demeanor. Outside of work, Sandeep also like to challenge his physical fitness with sports such as badminton and cricket.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Mr. Wanderer”

Bala is the go-to guy for backend coding and database queries. He’s also a highly effective worker who’s been able to manage projects independently, while concurrently guiding the more junior team members on their tasks. Outside of work, Bala enjoys the occasional game of cricket and travelling.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Confused Scientist”

Ranga is the geek of the team, with a special interest in mathematics and data visualization. As one of the younger members of the team, Ranga inspires his fellow colleagues with his aptitude for designing with innovation in mind. Outside of work, Ranga enjoys adventure trips, cooking experiments and also plays hockey and carrom regularly.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Foodie”

Arun is one of the junior members of the Coppernine team with a relentless passion for learning. His key tech passions lie in front end development as well as ethical hacking. Outside of work, Arun enjoys taking adventure trips with friends and trying out all the delicious food that Hyderabad has to offer.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Present and Future”

Ramu never fails to infect the team with his joy and passion for coding. As one of the junior members of the team, Ramu started his career at Coppernine and is a firm believer in the notion that “he has never worked a day in his life as his work is also his hobby”. Outside of work, Ramu is an avid gamer and actively participates in gaming forums and communities.


Associate DevOps Engineer / “Mr Nice Guy”

Chakri found his calling in coding and firmly believes that programming has no technology or language constraints. He also enjoys observing strange patterns and especially likes reading up on strange phenomena around the world.